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Growth is a Continuum, Not a Summit

You are growing and evolving even when there isn't hard evidence to prove it. Sometimes a period of dormancy is needed. This self-reflective recalibration is a part of your continuum and makes effort more fruitful. This reminds me of the hyacinth bulb in my house that I seemed to have killed with neglect. It had a few false starts, but would wither mysteriously. I almost threw it out. This morning I noticed that it miraculously has come back with a small burst of flowers. The message here is Don't Give Up!

Let's think about the cycles of growth of our lives and in our goals. How you perceive a period of dormancy is key to your overall momentum. Do you see it as failure? A backslide? Is it time to give up? How can you look at it for what it is, that this too is part of your growth as a whole? How does the rest feed the action? How does a reflective pause enhance your efforts? What can you learn from this place of pause?

My clients hear me talk about the relationship between Being and Doing all the time in our coaching sessions. It’s like this: Sitting down at your computer and opening up your email is the Doing, or action. Right now you are reading this blog. That is your current action. HOW you show up to that task, the dominant vibration or attitude, is the Being part of the equation.

This internal state of being matters. We are aiming to become self aware and to choose how we engage with work, our goals and our relationships. It's like bringing intentionality to yoga practice or meditation. It's the difference between being proactive or reactive.

What is your current internal state of being? How are you being at work, with your friends or family? How do you want to approach your goals? Do you want to feel self-critical, stressed, rushed, scattered or resentful? How do you want to feel while working, or as you are driving home after your day of work?

I want to be balanced, grounded, connected, focused, productive, inspired, organized, creative, and contributing to a greater whole. But these states of being are not an end of the rainbow destination. This is an ongoing practice. These are my intentions. I have to constantly choose and self regulate so I can show up in this way.

How do you want to BE in your life, with your work and your goals?

Do you want to show up in a conscious and empowered way?

The first step is being curious about your own experience.

1. NOTICE what is there. Name it. Don't judge it, just observe.

2. ALLOW it. Make room for this too. What you resist persists. As a witness to your own experience, you are creating spaciousness for something new to emerge.

3. INVESTIGATE. How else can you look at the work ahead of you? What is your underlying intention with your goals? What is needed now?

4. NURTURE yourself as you go. You are a work in progress. What do you need to feel connected to yourself and your work? What brings you balance? What can help you shift your energy? Check in with yourself using these steps.

That hyacinth doesn't know that it's the wrong season to bloom, but I feel the joy of it's efforts. My take away message in looking at these flowers is that I too am resilient, that I gather my strength in restful periods, and that there is growth even in periods of dormancy.

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ABOUT ME: I am living my dream come true as a professionally trained and certified Life Coach after overcoming an aggressive form of hereditary breast cancer in 2014. I coach people through difficult transitions, helping others live their best lives at any age or stage.

I seek to ignite the spark of purposeful living and creative fire in everyone I meet.

What you nurture will grow!

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