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Collect Yourself and Get Ready to Get Your Goals on!

Is it just me, or has this month (and this year) flown past at a baffling speed? The best way to remedy this is to slow down enough to get your game plan on. Here are some super helpful tips for savvy goal setting: Setting intentions: What is the outcome you would like to see for yourself? Intentions are like a wish that springs forth from the heart. It's less linear and exacting than setting and executing goals, but it's a place I like to start. It incorporates your whole being. How do you want to feel in this experience of living -one month from today? An intention is like planting a flag and taking a stand for your values and the things you intend to make a priority. From here you can build out a more specific plan of action. Making Lists: Goal setting doesn't need to be super complicated. If you would like a system of breaking goals down into bite sized pieces, check out this SMART goals worksheet. For me, I would be helpless without my lists. And because life is multidimensional, I've started creating subsets of lists that speak to my priorities. One list is called "Personal" and includes all things related to Family and Friends. Another list has to do with "Professional/Career", and another is called "Health/Fitness". Your subject headings will be unique to your life. Under each category, you can list a few action steps that you will address in the month ahead. If there are bigger, more long term projects that come to mind as you do this, you can create a section where you write long term goals for each heading. There is something so simple and satisfying about checking items off your list! Use Your Calendar: My favorite go-to calendar these days is on my phone, where I have all my Google calendars synced up. If you're old school and prefer paper wall calendars or planners, that's fine too. The important thing is to keep it simple and consolidate all your appointments and events in one place. The other obvious but equally important tip is to remember to refer to your calendar! If you aren't paying attention to the things you're putting in there, or consistently entering in your scheduling items, the system won't work. By investing those few initial moments to stay on top of your calendar, you can save yourself time, headaches and stress and feel more organized over all. Don't berate, Celebrate! When the end of the month rolls around and you look back at your intentions for the month, and review your goals and lists, don't get too heavy handed if you didn't attend to every last detail on your list. Life happens, and we need to have flexibility and agility to navigate through it. Celebrate what you did do, and double down on what IS truly important. What took care of itself without too much work or intervention? What got totally neglected? What is no longer important to you? What needs to happen first? When will you do it? How will you make sure you do it, and what kind of approach will you take -meaning, in what way will you engage with these goals? I invite you to take a moment of pause and reflect on these questions. If you could benefit from some accountability and support to help take your goals over the top, this might be a great time for some coaching.

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BIO: I made my dream come true and became a professionally trained and certified Life Coach after overcoming an aggressive form of hereditary breast cancer in 2014. I think of myself as a ‘Thriver’ and now coach people through difficult transitions, helping others live their best lives at any age or stage. I seek to ignite the spark of purposeful living and creative fire in everyone I meet. What you nurture will grow!

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