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Melissa offered deep meditations and EFT Tapping which really allowed me to reach out to my higher self and in turn allowed me to find peace within. Coaching with Melissa gave me permission to care about me. Before, I had felt like I would be a bad Mom/wife/employee if I took time for me. I struggled with saying "No" to my children and often allowed myself to get taken advantage of, which in turn would then cause me to resent myself. Situations where I really wanted to put my foot down, I wouldn't, in fear of being labeled the "mean mom". Through coaching I learned that it's OK and sometimes even necessary to say "No". I learned how to make requests when I need help. I think most of all coaching had given me the strength to be the show up in every aspect of my own life. 


Melissa has a unique style of coaching in that she really brings peace from the time you enter the room to the time you drive away. You are at peace to see clearly, to think clearly…to breathe. She really hones in on your feelings and asks the questions that you need to hear, that allows you to examine yourself for the answers and the answers are there. They always are. We are just too involved, too blind, too numb by our day to day facades to hear them. Coaching with Melissa allowed me to reconnect with my higher self and to reach for that inner guidance when I am faced with obstacles that everyday life brings. I would highly recommend connecting with a Life Coach to anyone. It really does open blocked pathways to your soul and your life’s purpose."

-Christine F.

Best Life Coach | Kingston NY | Melissa Eppard

"I am originally from Los Angeles and had been seeing my own therapist for many years. I had to move to New York for a few months for work and since I no longer could see my therapist in LA, I decided to book a coaching appointment with Melissa Eppard. At the beginning of the session I was shy and anxious about meeting a new coach, but Melissa had an incredible way of making me feel at ease. She facilitated an activity where I called upon my "captain" and it was unlike anything I've experienced before in the most positive way. Her coaching is unique, insightful, powerful and different from the traditional therapy I have experienced. My first session with Melissa was in 2017 and years later (it's 2021 now) I still call upon my "captain" whenever I need guidance. I have so much gratitude for the impact Melissa has made in my life."

-Gina K. 


"I first approached Melissa during a very tumultuous time in my business life which was in turn affecting life overall. There were a whole range of topics that needed attention and it had become evident that sorting it all out on my own was proving ineffective. I needed an outside voice. Melissa was always 100% engaged with whatever it was we were discussing, and offered enormous insights, advice as well as bringing along huge sense of calm. She was always in an amazing and positive mood every time we met, and was always ready to talk about whatever I (we) felt needed work at that time. Knowing that I had an ally out there that was going to help me work through and ultimately solve what needed solving, was a major factor in getting me through. I can't say enough about my experience working with Melissa and would recommend her to anyone seeking a Life Coach to navigate through times when you need new perspectives, ideas and ultimately, help." -Tim M.


"I started working with Melissa this past year. It was a time in my life when I felt overwhelmed, lost, and completely at the mercy of outer forces and circumstances. I looked forward to each session biweekly and Melissa took the journey all the way with me--from a very dark and hopeless place to one of increased inner strength and possibility. I can't say enough about Melissa's ability to evoke both creative expression balanced with down to Earth steps moving forward. Anyone who wants to reclaim themselves should spend time with Melissa. She not only draws upon her own experiences as a catalyst, but seems to have an endless store of helpful resources. I love you Melissa!!" -B.W.

"I came to a point in my life that I felt useless. I had to start over for the third time after surgery. Melissa had sent me an email for a free consultation and I thought why not. She helped push me to see what I wanted and how to pursue it. I was able to realize a dream and put together a festival that celebrated creativity and community. I feel more confident than I ever have and I now know I am capable of much more. This lady is great and I have a better life because of her help!" -Allison B.

"Melissa helped me to connect to my authentic self in a unique and powerful way. She helped me craft a new way of being and doing that allowed me to not only meet my roles and responsibilities but to work toward my dreams. Investing in myself by working with Melissa made all the difference." -Jennifer M.

"I found Melissa to be highly empathetic to my needs and desires. She is kind and caring and most importantly, a very good listener. Further, she gives homework, which enables the client to further privately address some of the issues they are publicly discussing, and moves her work beyond that of mere therapy. Coaching is a process, not a panacea, so don't expect Melissa to perform miracles. But do anticipate finding someone who will devote themselves thoroughly to your personal situation, and leave you feeling much more confident and focused about yourself at the end of the course." -T.F.

"Working with Melissa has been transformative. Her coaching helped me creatively, mentally, and spiritually. She supported me in getting clear on what I wanted to create, and then helped me to complete it in a timely manner with concrete results.

Melissa is warm, intelligent, wise, and intuitive. She is a beautiful person and I am grateful for her support and partnership as I create and achieve my goals and vision!" -N.M.



"I have always been a sensitive, good natured individual, also an empath. Over the past five years, I have become a Step Mom, an Autism Mom, a Mom of a very anxious neuro-typical teenage boy, a wife, and a full time career Mom, plus one that is very involved with the autism community. I never made time for me. In not doing so I lost myself. I knew, from my past readings and studies, how helpful working with a Life Coach could be.  Out of desperation, to dig myself out from the "six feet under" feeling that had overwhelmed me, I finally hired a coach.


Coaching with Melissa has allowed me to pull myself from the situations plaguing me to see my reaction from a third party observation, not through her eyes but my own. I saw how my reactions in different situations, were that of a learned response, that I was stuck in a fight or flight mode, and that I needed help and assistance but was afraid and unsure of just how to request that from loved ones.

"I was recently gifted a session with Melissa Eppard Coaching , and the first thought that comes to mind for me was that this very soulful, intelligent, and empathetic woman is absolutely what the world needs more of!! I actually feel as though somebody just held the door open for me so that I can journey into what's left of my life!" -Jon T.

“Life often deals us with situations that leave us wondering how can we get past them. We all have these moments because we are humans. I recently went through a very challenging experience that left me feeling very sad. Melissa offered to coach me and in a very short period of time, 45 minutes, I was restored to feeling great and back in control of my feelings, instead of my feelings controlling me.


She helped me to access my inner wisdom through intuition, imagery and getting me to feel my feelings. Through her exercises I was able to regain my perspective of who I am and this helped me to regain my perspective.

I would recommend Melissa’s coaching to anyone who needs to reconnect with themselves to find healing. We all need help in a complicated world. Melissa is a gifted facilitator and I highly recommend her to you all. Together we find healing.” -Cindy Brody

“I needed to change the path I was on. I wanted to activate a plan that would make my journey more genuine focusing on awareness and accountability. Melissa was my guiding light as I crawled, bringing me to my feet. She diligently kept track of me and the commitments I promised myself. When I fumbled she reminded me to be kind to ME and gently helped me evaluate and restructure my plan. Between our sessions Melissa checked in with me intuitively knowing a few encouraging words would be appreciated. Since I was miles away we skyped and I found this an effective way of communication. Now I’m working on my own using the tools Melissa helped me realize, enabling me to stay on track.” -Jennifer

"I truly appreciate having met Melissa and getting to know her and her giving and caring spirit. I plan to take all that we have talked about and apply it to my life.  It is all there.  Right in front of me.  My heart knows and my spirit knows." -K.T.

“I really enjoy my coaching sessions with Melissa. This is what I want. The insight and feedback are just want I need.

She has great intuition!” -V.E.

“Since I began coaching sessions with Melissa, I’ve revealed untapped potential in living many different dimensions of my life. I’ve got plans and self-accountability to make positive changes and communicate to others and remind myself what I need and want from life.” -L.D.

“Working with Melissa felt very conversational. I already trusted her right off the bat. At no point did I feel like I was being judged. It was so productive for me. I felt like I could walk away with a plan, with actionable steps. I also felt very unwound where before I didn’t even know I was wound up and tense. It’s sort of like ripping off the band aid.” -E.M.

"Thank you so much for your kind presence and willingness to listen as I struggled for the last few months, and also for your support and encouragement as I move forward into what I believe my heart is calling me to do - I've felt so much lighter and more joyful the last few weeks!" -B.V.

"I have been able to meet with Melissa through some difficult times of transition in my life and her helpful insights into ways that I can improve the balance of things has helped me greatly. I highly recommend that everyone takes the opportunity to see how life coaching can help you in areas of your life that you feel you need a surge of power and focus toward improvement." -N.A.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa for some time now. Melissa is a loving person who is truly gifted. She has an amazing ability to identify and help me with what I need to work on. She has taught me tools like imagery and E.F.T., tapping on the acupressure points to deal with emotions that at times can feel overwhelming. For me this technique is incredibly beneficial in lowering levels of anxiety. I highly recommend Melissa. I am grateful for her guidance and support in helping me on my journey. K.H.

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