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Living your best no matter what age or stage

I am a professionally trained Life Coach with personal experience overcoming cancer as a mom in my mid-30's, after a diagnosis in 2014. 

Survivorship Coaching can be so many things, depending on where you are and what you need. Some of the ways coaching can help include:

• processing emotions

• preparing for surgery & treatment

• parenting with a cancer diagnosis

• connecting with personal values

• building out circles of support

• understanding your options

• making peace with your body

• stress reduction

• setting meaningful goals

• accountability for healthier habits

• deepening relationships & intimacy


This was me back in the summer of 2014. At the advice of one of my friends with metastatic cancer, I took matters into my own hands and shaved my head before chemo would make my hair fall out. I felt fierce, determined and ready!

Shaved head, dose #2.JPG

"Thank you so much for your kind presence and willingness to listen as I struggled for the last few months, and also for your support and encouragement as I move forward into what

I believe my heart is calling me to do - I've felt

so much lighter and more joyful the last few weeks!" -B.V.

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