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More and Less: Making Room for Your 2018 Vision

There is a funny dichotomy at play this time of year. It’s the pull between More and Less. Right now, many of us are in the thick of buying, wrapping, and exchanging. We are giving and receiving gifts as part of the seasonal ritual. We exchange cookies and cards and greetings.

For many, this time of year brings up a feeling of blessed gratitude, a keen awareness of all the abundance around you. You might notice the contrast of Less as you become more aware of those who don’t share the same ease and lifestyle. Perhaps you seek out opportunities, ways to contribute, to ease someone’s burden this holiday season, to provide food and warmth and comfort.

Or maybe you resonate more with the Less side of this equation, struggling to make ends meet this time of year. Maybe the holidays bring up a feeling that what you have to offer is not enough, that in essence, you are not enough. Many struggle this time of year feeling the loss of their loved ones, the gap that is left in their wake, and the contrast that all this merriment makes.

We see this interplay of more and less in the light and the warmth here in the northern hemisphere. More dark, less light. More cold, less warmth. More indoor time.

Another way to look at this idea of More or Less is feeling the clutter around you. Maybe you’re like me, stepping on blocks and legos, tripping over tubes of wrapping paper and wondering where you’ll be able to fit your kid’s new toys. I have been pining for Less, thinking about new ways to minimize the material aspects of the holiday season.

More and Less. There are so many ways to relate to these ideas.

How can I share more and have less stuff? What do I really need More of? In what ways will having Less serve me?


2018 is staring in our faces, just two weeks away. It brings up all my hopes, visions and plans. Tagging along with that are feelings of responsibility, and an awareness of my obstacles, the things I perceive that are there to trip me up and get in the way of my vision for the year.

I have lots of savvy tools to work through these perceived obstacles. I have been cleaning out the corners of my beliefs and polishing the surface of my vision. One of the best ways to keep clear, and to stay focused is to continue to lighten the load. I am invoking you to do the same by working with this inquiry in preparation for the coming year:

What do I need to let go of and release in order to pave the way for my future success?

What do you need to clean up? What needs mending? What belongs in the shed or straight up in the trash heap? What doesn’t fit anymore, or is no longer yours? I mean this in every way possible. If you look at this from a literal and metaphorical standpoint, how would you answer these questions?

Whether you have worked with me or not, or plan to in the future, I would love to hear from you. What did these questions evoke for you?

If you need someone to help sort through the clutter and the post holiday sugar fog, I'm here for you!

From my heart to yours, I wish you health, abundance, and a commitment to all that is good for you and for our planet!

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