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Who is Driving the Bus?

You feel a nudge in your gut, or a twang in your heart, some wordless voice whispers to you and you are guided if you listen.

This is the eternal, inextinguishable part of yourself that is endlessly loving you, leading you towards the fullest expression of your unique purpose in this life. Some call it the, “Higher Self” or “Higher Consciousness”. In spiritual traditions it is thought of as the god within. This is where your intuition springs from. This is who you are and your thoughts and words and deeds arise from this place of knowing.

When this is NOT the voice in your head, who is speaking and deciding? Who is driving the bus? Is it a voice of fear and hesitation, an overly critical voice?

I heard a great story by author, Elizabeth Gilbert, at the 2015 Women and Power Retreat at the Omega Institute. The take away was that fear has a purpose in keeping us safe, that it is not possible to completely rid ourselves of fear, nor is that wise. Instead, she gave a metaphor of fear as a passenger in the road trip of life. “Fear is NOT allowed to hold the map, and it is certainly NEVER allowed to drive the mini-van!”

If you want to live life boldly and courageously, if you strive for a life of purpose, it starts with this inner connection or alignment. The degree to which you listen to, connect with, and create from a place of alignment, directly determines the satisfaction you feel in your life. When you are not in conflict, you exist in a state of Flow, a place of allowing. Conflict arises within when this sacred contract you have with yourself is being squashed. Where in your life are your values not being honored and what will you do to remedy that?

Melissa Eppard lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley, NY area with her young son and talented musician husband. After overcoming breast cancer in her mid-30's, she knows that nothing is guaranteed in life. As a Personal Life Coach she has made it her mission to ignite the spark of purposeful living and creative fire in everyone she meets.

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