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What do these times require of you?
How adaptable and resilient are you?
Need help to reduce stress and bring balance to life?
How have your challenges grown you?
What needs in the world are you called to meet?
Are you curious about what's next?
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Cancer Survivor Support

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As a certified professional Life Coach, I am here to help you take ownership of your pleasure, and responsibility for your stress and support you in setting the trajectory of your future vision. Together we'll establish clear priorities and goals, use tested planning and time management strategies and design accountability structures so you can move forward with clarity and confidence. 

"I cannot say enough great things about Melissa. She is easy to talk to, and really listened to me. She's highly skilled at a variety of things. She had countless ideas, and directed me to invaluable resources. Melissa motivated me in a heartfelt way throughout, and after every session I felt able to move forward, even when all I wanted to do was pull my bed covers over my head. She found that difficult balance of allowing me to express my feelings, yet gently nudging me forward.

I highly recommend her!" -CL

"Melissa has been a safe space for me to discover how I feel and how I want to move forward in my life. Her ability to always be there for me is a constant comfort. Knowing I can count on her to not only understand what I’m going through, but to also feel cared for throughout this process has given me a sense of peace. I highly recommend engaging Melissa to help you sort out your feelings and helping you keep hold of who you are during any difficult time in your life." -MB

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