From diagnosis, through treatment and recovery, don't go it alone.

I am a professionally trained Life Coach with personal experience overcoming cancer as a mom in my mid-30's, after a diagnosis in 2014. 

As a Healing Hope Cancer Coach, I can help you process the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis, teach you how to to develop the best care team, how to build circles of support, and how to become your own best advocate and ally.

I offer stress reduction techniques to help manage fear and uncertainty, and coaching to support your healing path.

After treatment ends I will help you form your personalized recovery roadmap, to support you in your healing and rebuilding all dimensions of life. 

This was me back in the summer of 2014. At the advice of one of my friends with metastatic cancer, I took matters into my own hands and shaved my head before chemo would make my hair fall out. I felt fierce, determined and ready!

"Thank you so much for your kind presence and willingness to listen as I struggled for the last few months, and also for your support and encouragement as I move forward into what I believe my heart is calling me to do - I've felt so much lighter and more joyful the last few weeks!" -B.V.



How I Can

Help You

In the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis, how do you find your path through the pain?
How do you create circles of support, ask for what you need, and manage stress and uncertainty?
What's next after the "Survivor Confetti"
has been swept away?
I am here to help.


Tel: 845-532-1249​

Kingston, NY & Woodstock, NY

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