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Living Like You Mean It

Overcoming breast cancer as a mom in my 30’s was really hard. I have learned that nothing is guaranteed in life, and that we had better make the most of every day. I’ve made it my personal mission to live life with intention and gratitude, and I seek to give back by igniting the spark of purposeful living and creative fire in everyone that I meet. I believe that what you nurture will grow and my goal is to inspire hope, vision and innovation in my clients. The world changes and heals one person at a time!

How it All Began

In my previous professional life I was as an event planner and an office manager. I spent 3 years helping to plan and produce workshops and conferences at Omega Institute, then went on to manage a thriving wellness center in Woodstock, NY for 6 years. In both roles, I learned about many different healing modalities and wisdom traditions. As an event planner, I directly supported many spiritual leaders, healers, well known authors, activists, artists and actors. I also learned I had a knack for multitasking, team management and loved details! But my heart called for something more...


I signed up for a complete coach training program, and knew instantly after the first class that this was my heart path. Exactly 3 weeks later, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of hereditary breast cancer. Life came to a screeching halt for a year as I healed from multiple surgeries and sought treatment. As soon as I was able I completed my coach training through the internationally recognized Coaches Training Institute in the summer of 2015.


My coaching style is deeply grounded and supportive, with an edge of directness and humor. Using intuition, metaphor and visual thinking, I can articulate the bigger picture that is hard to see when a client is overwhelmed or mired in self-doubt. With supported inquiry, body centered improvisational games and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique “tapping”) in my tool kit, we will release limitation and bring greater clarity, energy and balance into your life.

I have served as a Life Coach at the Omega Institute, Woodstock Healing Arts and work with clients in person in the beautiful and historic uptown Kingston area. I also work remotely via phone and video calls.  

I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley, NY area with my young son and talented musician husband. I derive inspiration and energy from my garden, hiking, poetry, art, music, friends and family, and by connecting with source, God, universal love, whatever name you choose.  In my spare time, I write, paint and donate my time mentoring other cancer survivors. I blogged intimately about my experience of healing from breast cancer and have shared my stories with large audiences at Story Slam events, in Conquer Magazine and as a guest blogger for the Young Survival Coalition. Visit to check out my survivorship blog. 

Best Life Coach | Kingston NY | Melissa Eppard
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  • ACC Certification through ICF March 2018
  • (CTI) The Coaches Training Institute -International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program, 2015
  • EFT Training Level 1 & 2 -2016
  • Over 500 hours in private and group coaching sessions.

  • Certified Holistic Cancer Coach 

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